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Step 4: Recommendations

Applicants are required to submit THREE (3) recommendations total from your Psychiatrist/Prescribing Authority and/or General Recommendations. There are two ways to submit, email or online:

Option 1: Online Submission

Click below on the appropriate application to your Psychiatrist/Prescribing Authority and/or General Recommendation and send the link for them to complete:

1) Psychiatrist/Prescribing Authority Online Application

2) General Recommendation Online Application

Option 2: Print and Mail

If your Psychiatrist/ Prescribing Authority or General Recommender is unable to complete the online recommendation, a print and mail-in option is available:

  • Download a copy of the Psychiatrist/Prescribing Authority Recommendation Form and/or General Recommendation Form

  • Complete the Applicant portion at the top of all three forms, including your signature
    Prepare self-addressed, stamped envelopes to accompany the appropriate Recommendation Form for each of your three references

  • Remind each reference that the form must be completed and mailed to you so that you may enclose it with your application packet and still make the January 17, 2020, deadline.

Note: The recommendations should be mailed directly to the address on the form, if the applicant receives from your references they must either be in their postmarked, unopened envelopes; or if not postmarked, signed on the unopened seal by the person providing the recommendation. These are NOT to be reviewed by the applicant.