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Professional Issues - Professional Issues

Professional Issues

While much of this Web site is clearly intended for persons with serious mental illness and their families or other caregivers, we feel it is critical to also provide an area in which clinical members of the treatment team can find - and share - state-of-the art professional information and ideas. This is that area.

The links below will take you to narratives addressing (1) a Standard of Care for serious and persistent mental illness, and (2) specific clinical issues of importance to mental health professionals, from professional journals and other authoritative sources.

  • For information on a Standard of Care, click here.
  • Achieving Total Wellness in Patients with Schizophrenia.
In addition, we strongly believe that the concept of reintegration can fulfill its potential only if it engages the active and ongoing participation of the professional mental health community. Therefore, we urge you to help us continue the development of reintegration by sending us articles (published or not), manuscripts, or other narratives which will expand the boundaries of our work, to the benefit of both our patients and our profession.

To send us your professional submissions for possible credited use on this Web site, please email us at


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Professional Issues

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Achieving Total Wellness in Patients With Schizophrenia

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