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Reintegration & Recovery - Workbook

Team Solutions™

Making Reintegration the Goal

About one in every 100 adults suffers from schizophrenia. Yet the people who have this illness can manage their symptoms when they work effectively with their doctor and treatment team. The Team Solutions™ program, Making Reintegration the Goal, helps others learn about the symptoms and causes of schizophrenia and some of the ways in which they can help relieve or minimize their symptoms.

The program is intended to provide useful advice and helpful hints in managing possible symptoms of schizophrenia. Patients should always discuss their treatment routing with their doctor before making any treatment or therapy changes. Although schizophrenia is an illness that cannot be cured, treatment with medication has enabled many people to work toward recovery--and their life goals.

Information for Patients and Their Families

Understanding Your Illness (1290KB)
An overview of schizophrenia for patients who acknowledge they have a mental illness, focusing primarily on symptoms and how symptoms can be managed.

Understanding Your Symptoms (1610KB)
Ways to better manage symptoms for patients who deny they have a mental illness, but acknowledge they have symptoms.

You and Your Treatment Team (1077KB)
The roles of various members of the treatment team and how these professionals can help the client throughout treatment.

Recovering From Schizophrenia (1841KB)
Information to help patients reintegrate into society and fosters independence.

Understanding Your Treatment (1360KB)
How schizophrenia is treated, how medications work, and how to manage side effects that may occur.

Getting the Best Results From Your Medicine (1239KB)
Help for patients needing to identify barriers of noncompliance and how to overcome these barriers.

Helping Yourself to Prevent Relapse (1061KB)
The importance of medication compliance and techniques to prevent relapse and possible hospitalization.

Avoiding Crisis Situations (1340KB)
Stress reduction, communications skills, and problem-solving skills—all of which are important in maintaining control and avoiding crisis situations.

Nutrition, Wellness, and Living a Healthy Lifestye (1390KB)

Instructor's Edition Features lesson goals, teaching tips, and suggested approaches to enhance learning and much more. Understanding Your Illness (344KB)

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Team Solutions™

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