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Reintegration & Recovery - Corporate Support


For many people with persistent and serious mental illness, finding transitional, part time, or full time employment is an important part of their recovery and reintegration. Many local, regional and national businesses actively work with community clubhouses by providing employment opportunties, training and vital support. Some corporate participants are shown on the Employer Quotes page. Others may be found at individual Clubhouses and their Web sites.

Employer Quotes
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Employer Quotes
Here's what employers say about employing people with serious mental illness.

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what an outstanding job the Gateway Organization has done for us at Applebee's. They have been very consistent in their dedication to getting the jobs done that we have asked of them. When they first approached me about starting a program with them to allow their people to come in and do certain jobs, I was not sure how it was going to work. Let me tell you that they have been very thorough in their training and assistance in the program. I have been ever grateful since the day they have started. I highly recommend them."
Blake Pitman
Operating Partner

"The GAC Employment Program has really filled a need for our firm. The GAC members we have employed have been professional and thorough in their work…We encourage you to find out more about the Grand Avenue Club."
Edward Trier, III
E. H. Trier, LLC

"Working with Grand Avenue Club has been a very satisfying experience for Foley & Lardner. We've seen its members grow through their work experiences, while having our needs met as an employer. We have always found Grand Avenue Club members to be conscientious and eager employees."
Ronald Konopacki
Office Services Manager
Foley & Lardner

"I personally have benefited by being involved in the GAC Board and also experienced the success of having a T.E. at CNR Health through GAC. The GAC is truly one of the leading non-for-profit programs serving the mental health community in South Eastern Wisconsin."
Ralph Cavaiani
CNR Health, INC.

"Working with the Grand Avenue Club Employment Program is the best thing I ever did in all my years working in Human Resources. Grand Avenue Club members are reliable, and hard working and the Grand Avenue Club placement management system works well for us."
Jeff Tamilo
Human Resources
Miller Compressing

"Fairwinds clubhouse members are some of my best employee's. They were so good that I told my company about the clubhouse movement, now the Mass Clubhouse Coalition and TJX Corporation are working together all over the state to help club members become some of our best employees. It's a win-win relationship."
Mr. Pope
Store #372 TJ MAXX

"Two of my best employees were introduced to me by Fairwinds Clubhouse. They are faithfully here on time, always ready to go, and are always happy. I have given other store managers reports about the clubhouse employment program."
Joyce Sauliner,
Brooks Pharmacy, Falmouth MA

"Fountain House Members try harder. They are well trained, dedicated, and eager to prove they can "do it"…whatever "it" involves. Transitional Employment is a wonderful way to bring back to the work force people who are desirous of and capable of earning their own way."
Leonard Lauder
President and CEO
Estee Lauder Companies

"Also striking is the close egalitarian relationship between staff and members. Some of them are genuine friends, socializing together outside the clubhouse. Recently, three members were appointed to the Board of Directors for the first time. And even the Executive Director, Mr. Dudek, is trained as a messenger at Newsweek and occasionally covers for an employee's absence."
Lisa W. Foderaro
The New York Times
November 8, 1994

"Jerome F. Henry, a prolific developer in Fort Wayne, turned me on to the Carriage House. The group placement from Carriage House have done an outstanding job, and I just can't say enough about them."
Tony Firks
Property Manager, Fruehauf Park

"Firks discovered the Carriage House workers about two years ago and has been employing them regularly ever since. He manages 14 properties for [Ft. Wayne developer Jerry] Henry."
Quote from The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, June 27, 2001

"It has been almost a year since we got in touch with the Carriage House to utilize their Transitional Employees for janitorial work at our congregation's Meeting House. It has been a joy for me to see the two people who have worked here with us grow and bloom and reach out. Transitional Employment seems to work very well and it is a great way to ease people back into the workforce. I think it is helpful for the employees that this is a laid back atmosphere, but that doesn't mean they don't have responsibilities and requirements they have to live up to. There are no hard feelings if they don't feel they can do the job, and they are actually encouraged to come up with ideas of their own to make their job easier, to combine functions to save time, or point out areas that are in need of attention. I have felt very comfortable leaving them to their own devices. Their training has been good and I love to see them think of new ways to do their jobs. The only sad part is that you make friends and come to care about them so when their time is up, it's hard to say good-bye. But, too, it's easy because you know they're moving on up! May graduation ceremonies abound!"
Kirsten Eckert
Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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